DebtRay BondRanking

Best In Class Approach

an independent, quantitative assessment of the issuance process of €-bonds, based on pricing & timing success of new issues. Key success factors are the right balance of diverging motivation of stakeholder involved and choosing a favorable window of opportunity for a new bond issuance.

Pricing Evaluation

Balance of Stakeholder

assesses the right balance of pricing between issuer and investors: right balance of diverging motivations – level of interest rate – of issuer and it’s investors is key challenge for a perfect pricing. Perfect pricing is not a coincidence but a skill of rising importance.

Timing Evaluation

Window of Opportunity

assesses timing chosen for a primary transaction from an issuer's view: Choice of window of opportunity for a debt transaction is decisive for the issuer’s interest expenses of the upcoming years. Statistics show that perfect timing it is not just about luck but about perfect preparation.