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About DebtRay

Purposely built for corporate issuers

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DebtRay provides purpose-built analytics and tools to help corporate issuers make informed decisions about bond issuances. Our scientific methodology and advanced analytics engine, driven by top-notch algorithms and technology, are designed to handle the complexity and scale of bond issuance data. By utilizing advanced data science and technology, we are able to efficiently deliver real-time, accurate, and insightful information to issuers.

Our Story

By Issuers, For Issuers

DebtRay was established in 2020 by Dr. Markus Walchshofer to tackle the critical lack of transparency and data analytics in the bond issuance process. Dr. Walchshofer's first-hand experience at the CFO Office of a DAX40 company revealed the alarming extent of issuers' reliance on underwriting banks during an issuance. He found that without peer-group benchmarks on issuance timing and pricing, issuers lacked unbiased guidance in setting the initial price level for book building. This lack of transparency resulted in inefficiencies in pricing and timing, leading to significant capital costs.

Our Solutions

Peer-Reviewed Methodology

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Issuance Analytics

BondRanking Analytics provides insights throughout the issuance lifecycle using our proprietary scientific methodology. It offers an unbiased assessment of the pricing and timing of new issuances. These analytics are critical in helping issuers improve issuance pricing and timing, with significant capital cost implications.

Benchmark, Compare & Simulate

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DebtRay delivers a powerful web-based analytics and tooling platform that enables users to thoroughly evaluate, monitor, benchmark, and compare their issuances against peers. The simulation and prediction modeling capabilities empower issuers to make decisive and well-informed decisions before initiating an issuance.


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Market Report

We provide a quarterly market report analyzing key trends in bond issuance, including issuance league tables and syndicate bank performance. Additionally, we offer customized issuance reports tailored to the needs of issuers.

The Leadership Team

Dr. Markus Walchshofer

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Eric Wiegand

Chief Commercial Officer (CCO)

Dr. Viktor Atalla

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Frank Naumann

Chief Legal Officer (CLO)


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