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Dr. Markus Walchshofer CEO & Founder

After completing his doctorate on options strategies, Dr. Markus Walchshofer started a career as a portfolio manager, analyst and trader for corporate bonds at Union Investment. He then became Executive Assistant to the CEO and CFO at Fresenius SE and subsequently Vice President in the company’s M&A department. Dr. Walchshofer has made a name as a thought leader and publicist in the field of fixed income, organizes events in the field of debt & governance and has broad access to a network of senior decision-makers. As founder and CEO of DebtRay he is responsible for data analytics, business development and marketing.

Kevin A. Riedl, BSc. Partner

Kevin Riedl worked as CIO in a Blockchain Startup and founded his own Social-Tech Startup during his Computer-Science studies. Starting with the age of 13 he realized various software projects and always was passionate about FinTech and Bleeding-Edge technologies. He later founded Wavect GmbH, which has specialized on developing smart contracts and DApps for Blockchain use-cases. Kevin is responsible for the software architecture and implementation of software products.

Christof G. Jori, BSc. Partner

With focus on functional programming principles Christof completed his computer science studies in 2021 and has since then worked on developing server-side applications and applying Test Driven Development in a variety of projects. In his role Christof focuses on developing internal applications, auditing code based testing strategies and optimizing technical processes.

Frank Naumann Legal Advice & Partner

Frank Naumann is a licensed attorney with his own law firm located in Wiesbaden. He practices on matters of information technology, supply chain management (contract law in particular), licensing as well as protection of industrial property rights and beyond to tending to corporate and commercial issues. He has been advising DebtRay on all relevant matters from the very beginning and became a shareholder in 2022.

DebtRay Team

Advisory Board

Prof. Dr. Dirk Schiereck Advisory Board

Since August 2008, Dirk Schiereck is a Professor for Corporate Finance at the University of Darmstadt. Before he was a Professor for Banking and Finance at the European Business School in Oestrich-Winkel and a Professor for Capital Markets and Corporate Governance at the University of Witten/Herdecke. His academic research covers a broad range of topics in the area of corporate finance and empirical finance with a long history on debt and equity capital markets and more recently addressing aspects of sustainability and digitalization. The outcome of this research was published in several hundred articles in renowned journals. His advise is asked by a number of institutions in the German financial industry. Dirk Schiereck is member of the supervisory board of BayernInvest Kapitalverwaltungsgesellschaft and creditshelf AG. Additionally, he is – among others – also member of the scientific advisory board of the Deutsche Derivate Verband and the Deutsche Kreditmarkt-Standard e.V.

Andreas Posavac, MBA, BA, CESGA Advisory Board

Andreas joined DebtRay as an independent advisory board member and recognised market expert with a focus on capital markets, corporate governance and ESG. For more than two decades Andreas advises corporate senior executives improving their capital markets attractiveness by becoming best-in-class while reducing regulatory, reputational, governance risks. Andreas specialised in corporate governance and ESG, topics which he already focused on in academia at the University of Washington and Vienna, as well as in roles at Ipreo, IHS Markit and S&P Global. Andreas is a certified EFFAS ESG analyst, ESG adviser and professional coach. He holds non-executive advisory roles at social impact firm BigHous, Governance & Values and is the founder of the TurnItAround institute.

Christoph M. Klein, CFA, CEFA, CSIP Advisory Board

Christoph M. Klein, CFA, CEFA, CSIP is founder, managing partner and portfolio manager at ESG Portfolio Management GmbH. Previously he worked as portfolio strategist, head ESG credit, managing director at Deutsche Asset Management. He is a member of the DVFA Sustainable Investment Commission and the CFA ESG Technical Committee. Christoph served as a member of the UN PRI Fixed Income Working Group. He develops and teaches ESG and climate risk seminars for Moody’s Analytics. Christoph received his diploma in business administration from the University of Trier and has served as a visiting scholar at the Salomon Center for the Study of Financial Institutions at New York University.

Ralf Böckel, CFA Advisory Board

Ralf Böckel is an experienced investment professional with a demonstrated history of working in the asset management industry. Starting his career in the late 90s, Ralf worked as an analyst and portfolio manager for the major German asset management companies MEAG and Union Investment. Since 2014 he has worked for Allianz Global Investors as a Fixed Income Portfolio Manager. Ralf has gained vast experience in the European fixed income markets with a particular focus on corporate bonds as well as derivatives. His industry focus refers specifically to the insurance sector. Ralf graduated from Frankfurt School of Finance and Management and is CFA Charterholder.

Prof. Dr. Holger Perlwitz Advisory Board

Holger Perlwitz is professor for sustainable energy economics at Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences. Prior to his academic career Holger worked for 18 years in the energy industry focusing on power & commodity markets, fixed income and risk management. Holger is regarded as a pioneer in the field of fixed income investor relations and has made a contribution to the establishment of this discipline in Germany. Between 2015 and 2022, he was responsible for Fixed Income Investor Relations at RWE and innogy. During that time, he was engaged in Europe's largest bond transfer - with a total volume of EUR 11 billion - as well as the first German benchmark corporate green bond issued in 2017.

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